Born in England in 1986, Amelia Meredith showed a interest in art from a very early age. Excelling in both her secondary school and IB art programs it became clear that higher education in the arts was the only path. She chose the Florence Academy of Art for its focus on the craft of painting and drawing.

She began her higher education in Florence and transferred to the Sweden campus, here she graduated and was a teacher for three years.

She also spent time studying drawing and painting in St. Petersburg with teachers from the Repin Academy and was very honoured to be accepted to the Hudson River Fellowship.

She currently resides in Cascais, Portugal where she teaches and holds exhibitions of her work.

“I was very happy to receive a prize in the Art Renewal Center Salon competition with ‘Free’. Two of my biggest passions in life are painting and horses and I feel this is the first time I have been able to join the two in a way which expresses that feeling. As a painter I feel like I am always searching for what I should be painting and how I should be painting it, perhaps more with others in mind. Of all my work so far this was the first piece that I let go of thinking and just painted.”